William Reynolds

Wealth Manager  |  CFP™ CRPC

William Reynolds

Wealth Manager  |  CFP™ CRPC

My name is William C. Reynolds and I assist individuals, families, and small business owners with their investment management and financial planning needs.  I started my career in financial planning back in July of 1998, so 2021 will mark my 23rd year as a Wealth Manager.

I have always had an interest in saving and investing.  My mother still tells stories about how my parents never had to go to the ATM because they knew they could always borrow $20 from me and pay me back later.  My earliest memory of investing was when I turned 16 years old and my father took me to Charles Schwab to open up an investment account.  He saw my enthusiasm regarding saving and wanted to educate me on how to invest.  Also, our family was going through difficult financial times and he wanted to teach me how to save and be responsible.

I read through several prospectuses and settled on a mutual fund.  Thankfully, the fund I picked went up in value as I added to it.  My interest led me to attend college at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, CA and I studied finance while I was there.  I had the opportunity to intern for a major brokerage firm in San Jose, CA and started to invest in stocks.  I had a strong interest in computers, so I purchased stock in this new company that had an idea to sell computers through the mail.  So yes… I purchased Dell Computer during the early days.  I made a huge profit and then I was truly hooked on learning more about the stock market!

I started my financial advisor career in 1998 with what was then known as “American Express Financial Advisors, Inc”.  My early days in the career went smoothly because of the booming stock market of 1998-2000.  Then the stock market crashed and I got a strong lesson about humility.

My parents put their faith in me early and invested with me.  I helped them retire in 2002 and it felt amazing to create a plan and see the results!  To this day, my favorite thing to do is help someone with the transition from working to receiving income from their investments.  However, the grand majority of my clients never ‘retire’.  They simply do something else they enjoy, such as part time work, consulting, side business, volunteering, community service, politics, etc.  I give people the confidence to step away from the day-to-day grind.

I received my Certified Financial Planner™ Professional designation in 2001 and became a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor in 2003.

I currently reside in beautiful Prescott, AZ with my wife, Adrienne. We have an amazing family of two teenagers, two adult children and four grandchildren! We love doing anything outdoors and playing games inside when the weather is not cooperating!

Adrienne McComack-Reynolds

Business Development Manager

With over 20 years of experience in sales management, operations, and marketing, Adrienne has a proven record of building and maintaining strong relationships. She provides excellent service to existing and new clients with innovative ways to serve goals and nurture growth.

With an eye for opportunities and a talent for orchestrating spaces where clients and partnerships can be brought together to drive results, Adrienne seamlessly connects the dots and helps to manage projects from concept to completion. She infuses our team with infectious energy, passion, and empowers us to pursue every day with intensity and purpose, believing that anything but success is unthinkable.

Family is her fortune. Therefore, in her free time, you might find her by echoes of laughter shared with loved ones, behind a camera lens capturing timeless memories, scrolling through Pinterest, or embracing adventure with our trail guide Winston (aka the family bulldog).